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Modal single jersey with spandex

Modal single jersey with spandex

SIEMATEX can offer you Modal single jersey with spandex. Modal fibers are extracted from naturally grown beech wood by an environmentally responsible integrated pulp-to-fiber process, which is self-sufficient in energy and recovers co-products from component parts of the wood. This flexible fiber is renowned for its exceptional softness.

Modal single jersey with spandex

Blue melange modale knit produce by Siematex

Modal single jersey with spandex is one of the best fabric for your underwear .

Modal single jersey with spandex is the most sofe hand feel fabric and has stretch of 50% and recovery ,the clothes made in modalcan quickly absorb sweat from your epidermis keep your body comfortable

We can guarantee that the shrinkage rate of this fabric is less than 5%, and the color fastness is 3.5.

The difference between modal fiber and viscose fiber

Modal fiber is the trade name of high wet modulus viscose fiber. The difference between it and ordinary viscose fiber is that Modal fiber improves the shortcomings of low strength and low modulus of ordinary viscose fiber in the wet state. It also has high strength and modulus in the state, so it is often called high wet modulus viscose fiber
The cross section of viscose fiber is round or irregular, with holes inside and irregular grooves in the longitudinal direction.

The inner and outer layer structure of modal fiber is relatively uniform. The skin-core layer structure of the fiber cross section is not as obvious as that of ordinary viscose fiber. The cross-sectional shape tends to be round or waist round, the longitudinal direction is smoother, and the wet state has higher strength and modulus, and it absorbs moisture. Excellent performance

Cuttable width (CM):165
Composition95% modal +5% spandex
Modal single jersey with spandex

Learn more about modal fiber :https://www.tencel.com/b2b/product/tencel-modal

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