Polar fleeces a kind of cheap fabric ,but can keep warm very well, other .Most of pollar fleece is used to make jackets ,and sweaters, and bonded with other fabric for outdoor jackets.

Cationic polar fleece


Cationic polar fleece 

Polar fleece originated in 1979 and has been solid color in the following decades. until 2015, a new pollar fleece appeared which have two different color in one fabric . Beacouse cationic and ordinary polyester yarns can be dyed into different colors during dyeing.

anti-pliing pollar fleece

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Siematex have experience of knitting for more than 10 years . we produce more than 100 tons of polar fleece each year export to all of the world. we provide you good quality and cheap price fabric ,we are the partner you can trust.

Item :
Fabric weight(gsm): 140-300
Cuttable (CM): 155
Composition: 100% polyester

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