what is flat knitting rib

Most of flat knitting rib is knited in 12 gauge or 14 gauge knite machine ,which is used as cuff and collar , this kind of fabric is hefty and fabric weight should be approximately 350gsm to 650GSM ,it can be made of cotton ,acrylic ,polyester ,same knitted with spandex . we can find solid color and strip in different colors becouse this is yarn dyed fabric ,however,some knitted in different pattern as jacquard ,

Flat knitting machine

Flat knitting machine

Our machine can make different kind of flat knit rib for collar ,cuff and bottom .

what is it used for:

Flat rib can be used as jacket ‘s cuff and bottom ,also can be used as collar in T-shirt, many fleece cloth for sportsear use it for it’s cuff and bottom too.

Jacquard collar rib

Jacquard collar

As we can make solid rib ,jacquard or strip rib is our product too, our factory can knit more than 800 pieces of jacquard collar rib each day .


This first flat bar machine was demonstrated in 1862 and patented 1865 by the Rev. Isaac Wixom Lamb, an American clergyman. he later changed the arrangement to the inverted V-bed shape patented by Eisenstuck.

Here the rib in the picture is used for bottom and cuff ,it is very heavy which fabric weight is 520GSM.made from acrylic and polyester with spandex in it.

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