CVC anti-pilling fleece

Our CVC anti-pilling fleece is very new fabric this years , as we know pollar fleece is a kind of 100% polyester fabric whichi is not hygroscopic and generates static electricity. This fabric is not suitable for wearing against the skin, but our fabric is made of cotton on one side, which has good skin-friendliness, can absorb sweat from your body, and will not Static electricity.

This fabric has a very good warmth retention effect. You don’t have to worry about static electricity hurting the human body. It feels very good. Wearing clothes made of this fabric will make you feel very comfortable.

Choosing our fabrics as the development of your new season clothing will be the most correct choice.

One side cotton another side polyester fleece

Item No.
composition :45% cotton+55%polyester
yarn count :32s+150D
Weight (GSM)300
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